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they are going to be outnumbered because people are going to stay at home. these people aren't going to stay home. >> sarah palin is scheduled to give the key note address. and if she shows up, the washington independent pegging her speaking fee at a minimum of $75,000. if she were to go instead to the cpac convention at roughly the same time she wouldn't get a dime. is this why she chose this one or am i just too cynical? >> i don't know, keith. i mean, if she had stayed in alaska and served the public interests in her term out as governor, she'd have gotten no money at all either. so she is clearly part of that entrepreneurial spirit that this party movement is seeking here. she has proven pretty well adept at raising money for herself, if not for anyone else. >> but again, her presence and the price that going to see her talk, which is i think what you do -- you don't go to listen, you go to see her talk. >> right. >> is $349 plus $200 to attend the rest of the convention. if you didn't go to the convention and you saved your $549, wouldn't you have just addressed most of the problems that the tea party people are complaining about in the first place? >> yeah. that is more than the price of a cup of tea, isn't it? it's a strange way to build a movement to put money in the pockets of sarah palin. but she does have a big family.
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>> back to rachel for a second. this is kind of a badge of honor here, isn't it? i mean, if she is the next hillary clinton or what? way, to whatever your response is. >> you know, rachel's numbers and her show speaks for itself but in case she doesn't want to speak for herself let's do it for her. it's a badge of honor to be something of a stimulant to a group of overstimulated people. maybe they should have decaffeinated tea. >> they asked ed schultz to run for senate. rachel is a stalking horse for the tea party people. matthews in pennsylvania. and for crying out loud harold ford was asked if he might run for something. you know, what do i get in the deal? >> there is a sports commissioner's post waiting for you. >> like i said, what do i get in the deal? richard wolffe of msnbc, author of "renegade" as always great thanks. >> thank you, keith. >> that's "countdown" for this the 2,443rd day since the previous president declared mission accomplished in iraq. i'm keith olbermann. good night and good luck. now with more on that god
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bless america, country first, let's roll, flag-pin wearing response response to detroit by the gop, ladies and gentlemen, here is the most dangerous woman in america, david letterman's special guest, rachel maddow. good evening, rachel. (announcer) which hair color has beauty editors buzzing?
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